Account Access


Delivery to DND numbers will requires us to place your account on our special 'DND Free' link. All you need to do is create an account, if you have not already, then contact us via call or text to 08037392019 so that your account can be moved from regular to special before you start using it. We will need your username. It is expected that after the migration, you will credit your account immediately.


Old users will simply call or text to get migrated. Such users are to use-up existing units before the migration for simplicity, else they can negotiate with us to effect conversion of old units into the special platform.



Price for units on our special link is N2.80K per unit and we deliver at 1 unit per SMS. A little more for reliable delivery is good business.

NOTE: The regular link is still N1.80K per unit and we deliver at 1 unit per SMS.



All SMS sent through the special link, would always deliver with 'infodesk' or 'rUPDATE' or 'rNotify' as the Sender ID irrespective of what the Sender inputs, so it is advised that you add your Sender ID as the first word in the body of the message for ease of identification by your recipients.


ONCE AGAIN, we are fast, cheap and reliable!